Weaving business and people together

Client orientation is key.

We listen carefully. We keep the context in mind, act with urgency but don’t rush to solutions. Trust is the engine of our work: it’s your company, your team, your job, your life. We try to understand how you see things first, and THEN we think about which framework, theory, design solution is most helpful.


We know trust matters. Once people trust each other enough, more things are possible. We could get all Shakespearian at this point, but trust moves mountains; and lack of trust causes huge roadblocks. Sometimes lack of trust is the very problem we need to work with; or sometimes it is in the background and we need to establish a baseline in order to help you build vision, re-focus, re-align, develop leadership, or whatever the performance challenge happens to be. We’ve always operated this way, but now we know the neuroscience research supports this: trust-building behaviours change us at a fundamental, biological and emotional level.

We’re particularly good at helping teams to mend relationships which feel broken and making them functional again.


We stay in touch. We work with people over the long term, so that each phase of support can build on the previous one. We hold people in mind and remember what they need. You are our client whether we are currently in a contract with you or not.

Anne Owen Leadership Coaching - client orientation is key.

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